Freedom is not worth if does not include the freedom to make a mistake.

(Malala Yousafzai)

If I were a citizen of UK, I would vote YES to the exit of the European Union.


For first of all because the EU is already broken, because it is a greedy organization dominated by a state, Germany, increasingly expansionist. Because it is a wasteful organization, besieging their own weakest members (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain -PIGS-). Because is an incompetent organization, as demonstrated in the recent developments of immigration from the Middle East. Because while some countries increasingly impoverish (Greece on the brink of broken and Spain, Italy and Ireland with a tough countries debts difficult to support), others maintain their wealth and even increase it. Impoverished countries that it has become “buffers” against immigration on one hand. And simple consumption sources of overproduction of others on the other hand. Obviously by providing hefty loans (Deutsche Bank & ECB) to consume.

And, secondly, because the only arguments to remain are based on fear. An immense amount of arguments over future diabolic conditions for which no quantification is given.

You can not build a truly united Europe without a common culture, without a common language, without a common economic, fiscal, tax, educational, health, social, policies. And none of that interests the “dominant” countries.

The UK in a community of 65 million citizens, with a 2678 US$ billions of GDP, with a strong currency and with a long economic, financial and industrial tradition. Definitely something to which the “world money” never give back. Do not forget that “Money Makes The World Go Round”!!

Europe is far from the solidarity product of the Treaty of Rome of 1957.

Outside the European Union one can be richer by controlling their proper policies and resources. Be safer controlling and managing their own security. And especially to have the opportunity to forge his own destiny.

Now is the time of dignity and courage.