“Europe has its own problems, caused mainly by the fact that the countries joined to create a monetary union without taking appropriate political and institutional measures to allow this union to work, and they will have to pay a high price for that failure. “

Joseph E. Stiglitz (Nobel Prize in Economics 2001)

Brussels, you certainly have a problem. Very little have served your threats and apocalyptic arguments to intimidate a nation.

When a member of a family decides to leave very little use to say “you’re wrong, out there is hell !!” When a member of a family decides to leave it is that he has thought deeply, is because he has its own arguments, because he has made his ratings that have allowed him to freely make a decision.

Now it’s up to the family understand and comprehend these arguments and, above all, to reflect deeply on their long-held attitudes. To reflect on the mistakes made in the governance and management of family togetherness.

This is no time to rend their garments or issue more threats. Now is the moment of truth. It’s time to check if that family has the necessary maturity, if it is able to analyze, assimilate and to correct mistakes. For it is clear that that family has done something very bad for one of its members to leave.

That family need now to act with humility and not under the resentment. Because if she does, because if she insist on threats and contempt for the freedom of others, there is no doubt that the situation can quickly return against she.

That kind of family will be prosperous only, and only if, the are prosperous all its members. That family will stay together only and only if all members are treated equally. If all members are rewarded for their efforts without having to be bowed to the impositions of other members.